Happiness Delivered

  • Always a pleasant and accurate experience with Norcanna. Thank you.

    SHERI LA HAIE Avatar

    This is my go to place for delivery. Great customer service & delivery speed. Everyone is super helpful. Gabrielle helped me today and am very happy with her service. Some of the deals are unbeatable.

    Nikole Vega Avatar
    Nikole Vega

    R this was my first time buying from a dispensary. They were very professional and helpful., delivery was quick and efficient. I was very impressed!

    Melanie Lewis Avatar
    Melanie Lewis
  • Thank You Hailey for all your help. You're Awesome!!

    Nate Flores Avatar
    Nate Flores

    Best Delivery Service hands down. The staff is super friendly and super knowledgeable.

    SVND3RS Avatar

    Hailey was as well-informed, helpful, and a very pleasant person to chat with....All 'n' all, the entire experience was an excellent one for me. The delivery driver left a very positive impression too, and in return, he left with a well deserved tip. Please, remember to tip generously.The deliverables, as always, delivered the goods as promised.Thank you, Norcanna!

    Jerry Galerkin Avatar
    Jerry Galerkin
  • Norcanna has the best sales people on the phone. It is always a pleasure when I call in an order . I have been purchasing from them since 2013. They go out of their way to give you the best deal and service. I have had the pleasure of talking to Gabby on several occasions and she is always pleasant and well informed on the product. I have taken her suggestions on products and she never misses. Always a 5 star experience with Norcanna

    Diane Willis Avatar
    Diane Willis

    Hailey was helpful and knew the right information. Would use again.

    Nathan To Avatar
    Nathan To

    I'm a huge advocate of the "price you see is the price you pay" model.. Norcanna has this and more; Great service, quick to pick up the phone and answer any questions. I was having a trouble finding a product through their online menu and Amber was able to help me place my order over the phone. Couldn't have been simpler. Delivery was on time and discreet. Took advantage of their current special and got a great deal!

    Joe A Avatar
    Joe A
  • I searched high and low for a delivery company and man are they all not created equally. Norcanna is far superior to any other delivery chain hands down.Do you know how hard it is to find Jetty products where i am? Very hard, Norcanna gots them.The staff on the phone is awesome. I tend to speak with Alexis and she is awesome and helpful. The delivery guys and gals are discreet as well.Not to mention the payment system they have is incredibly easy. Look no further sign up with Norcanna

    Ryan Kinsel Avatar
    Ryan Kinsel

    I always have great service. But Anjelica on the phone today was amazing. She was very easy to talk to and was very up beat and provided quick service over the phone and automatically understood what I needed.

    Zel Safi Avatar
    Zel Safi

    Gabrielle was just awesome. Treated me with such professionalism and respect. She also went over my order one more time to ensure I was getting any and all discounts available. Thank you for a wonderful experience Gabrielle!

    Brian Whitman Avatar
    Brian Whitman
  • Hailey was awsome always helps me out always professional & polite.

    Craig Lilly Avatar
    Craig Lilly

    Thank you, Gabby for five star service!

    Gloria Ware Avatar
    Gloria Ware

    Gabrielle was very helpful with a new customer. We set up my account during telephone conversation. Norcanna has my favorites in stock.

    Mike Barker Avatar
    Mike Barker

Best Products, Fastest Deliveries & Happiest Customers

Northern California Cannabis Delivery

Delivering to you the most effective medicine, privately, cost-effectively, and from professional, courteous, and reputable staff is what sets us apart from any other sources in Northern California. As an added bonus, our members will benefit from pricing that reflects the huge savings of not needing to maintain a brick and mortar dispensary.

Norcanna is your #1 cannabis delivery service in Sacramento and Chico. We deliver high-quality marijuana all around Northern California with affordable pricing and super simple online ordering. Check out our cannabis menu in Sacramento or Chico and get cannabis delivered today!

Shop our large selection of cannabis products including vapes, edibles, concentrates, flower, and more. All ready for delivery to Northern California and surrounding areas. Browse our affordable prices and a great selection of marijuana products below.

Opening in March 1st 2009, I was proud to offer Humboldt County’s flagship strains of cannabis, such as the tried and true “Trainwreck” and her many crosses, Pineapplewreak, Purplewreak, Bluewreak as well as other standard-bearers such as “Mr. Nice” (not to be confused with Mr. Nice Guy), “Green Crack”, “Romulan”, and countless other connoisseur varietals born in the creative minds of Humboldt’s best producers. Then, we moved a bit south, a bit east from behind the Redwood Curtain to the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range on a farm in the great Divide.

We currently service all 21 and older as well as medical marijuana to the greater Sacramento area, the city of Sacramento, the Foothills in El Dorado to Lincoln, Auburn Roseville, Rocklin, and parts of the Valley, Rancho Cordova, Elk Grove, Natomas, West Sacramento. I hope that you enjoy our site and we are confident that you will have totally satisfied with every delivery, and future purchases! We guarantee this it’s the Norcanna way. Always feel free to leave us feedback on the products you tried and give suggestions in order for us to continue bringing you personalized compassionate service.