About Us

At Norcanna we will accept all returns or exchanges on a case by case basis. In most cases the returned item  must be summited within 24 hours without packaging open and unused.

Its very simple process here are the basics:

1)  It has to not have been consumed.  (Unused per distro/farm/ or state requirements.)

2)  Have all the original  packaging . ( unopened package)

3)   A reason why. ( why are you returning this item)

Everyone who is 21 or older.

Everyone who has their medical cannabis BBC issued paperwork regardless of age.

Everyone and Anyone who is an Adult that is 21 or older.

 Keep alert for the knock or text or however your wish is to be notified when the driver arrives . 


Delivery fees DO NOT apply if…

  1. You live in the areas deemed not to have a delivery fee. (see map)
  2. Meet the minimum required amount ( $70.00 )      
  3. If you cancel the order before the package leaves the HUB.


Delivery fees DO apply if …

  1. Your delivery falls outside the no delivery zip code ( see map )
  2. You do not make the minimum required amount ( $70.00)
  3. We have to redeliver to you because of an error on your end. For example, You call place an order. We send it out. a) It’s in route and you notify the office that  you will not  be there for  XYZ reason(s). b) you don’t answer the door and driver moves onto the nest delivery c) You are ” just down the road” and our divers can not wait any more and must move on. It’s very important to make sure if you are not going to be there let us know before we send out the order. Remember:  Keep alert for the knock or text or call … however your wish is to be notified when the driver is there.

We include all taxes in the posted price. All taxes are baked-in to our prices —so what you see is what you pay.

The only exception(s)  is a delivery fee if applicable ( see delivery fee’s)  and discounts or coupons. If there is a discount it will be applied thus,  lowering the overall price when we process the order. You will be notified if any price change occurs.

All of the product we sell here at Norcanna are all lab tested. The  California BCC  requires everything to be lab tested!  These tests are for your personal information and for safety .Cannabis products lab tested will show always : THC, CBD, Mold ,Poisons contaminants and many many other things. All for your safety!

All Products have a code and tracking number. You can simply follow the instructions stickers that are on all products now in order  to see the COA ( tests results  ) of that item.

Anytime*! Yes, you can place the order in at any time*. If we are closed at the time the order comes in, we’ll call you in the morning or text or email to ( however you want to be notified) to let you know we received the order. We’ll check I with you to make sure you still want the order/ items you placed when we were closed. This gets the order set for the next day delivery. If we are open go ahead and place an order during operational hours and we’ll process it and set it up for delivery that day or whatever works best for you. We will notify you every step of the way! The last orders for same-day delivery are accepted 30 minutes before closing, in order to be compliant with city and state regulations. This means orders need to be placed by 8:30 pm.

Operation hours are for Sacramento tri-county area(s):
Chico is the next day.

Monday: 8:30:00 AM till 8:30 PM

Tuesday: 8:30 AM till 8:30 PM

Wednesday: 8:30 AM till 8:30 PM

Thursday: 8:30 AM till 8:30 PM

Friday: 8:30 AM till 8:30 PM

Saturday : 8:30 AM till 8:30 PM

Sunday: 8:30 AM till 8:30 PM – Closed Easter April 21st, 2019

*The last orders for same day delivery are accepted 30 minutes before closing, in order to be compliant with city and state regulations.

*Some holidays we are closed, Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving

If you have your Doctor prescription/card to consume cannabis this give you some rights in the State of California. If this is all you have you WILL still have to pay all the taxes. All taxes are baked in to the price —what you see is what you pay promise. To avoid the sales tax on Cannabis you will have to have been issued the State Cannabis Card called the M.M.I C  (Card). You must get this card from the California Public Health Department  to relive any such tax break. There is a fee involved as well. It is a separate program from the doctors prescription for cannabis  you may or may not have. You can apply the MMIC  here for  a card.

If you gotten a text, an email or are in our old system and have gotten the secret code mention this code and you will be put into the for lifer. What does this mean? You’ll have to call if you are not sure and talk with management. This program is for only a selected few and is closed to the general public. If you gotten a text or email and have forgotten the secret word then call us and we can see if you qualify. Congratulations IF you gotten the Golden Ticket!

We do same-day delivery ( ETA is about 90-120 mins ) to all our locations of service. Chico is the next day delivery currently. If you wish to have a delivery on a different day, simply put it into the notes section before you submit or call us at 877-420-2015. We will call and confirm this time and day once we review the order if the order was placed through the website or text or 3rd party menus. The same day, the next day it’s your choice with us.

Yes, as long as you are 21 or older and have a government issued ID ( from your state of the US government )  you can consume and buy cannabis.

We are very professional and all items come bagged and packaged in such a way only you will know what is inside. All our drivers have to pass a level 2 DOJ/FBI back ground check. We go the extra mile, for ten years, to make sure you are getting deliveries safely and discreetly every time. Unmarked cars and commercial vans are used without advertisement and without marks on the outside. No one, NO ONE,  needs to know your business and its our business to make sure this stays this way.