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Bryon Thornton is a Humboldt State University alumni and the founder CEO of Norcanna. As a student, I was impressed by the meticulous efforts of Humboldt County cannabis Master growers, who are my friends and family. Slowly learning and cultivating my craft in Willow Creek to Sunny Brea, Arcata and back up to Lord Ellis summit then down to Ruth Lake starting in the summer of 1999. I’ve growing for 20 plus years in “Humboldt Nation”, where it all started. All my friends were producing the highest quality cannabis for their client’s needs and were Master growers making waves in 1999-2000’s; even now, they are still rocking that boat!
When Proposition 215 was passed -by the voters of California- residents were able to obtain their prescriptions for the compassionate use of marijuana. In short, with over two decades of experience growing marijuana in and out of Humboldt County, I decided in 2007 that we could outpace most dispensaries in critical areas. Norcanna would be hyper-focusing on key elements; customer service, quality, compassion and price. Collaborate our talents and directly market the finest Humboldt cannabis to the out of reach customer over the internet and delivered by us.
    Opening on March 1st 2008, I was proud to offer Humboldt County’s flagship strains of cannabis, such as the tried and true “Trainwreck” Pineapplewreak, Purplewreak, Bluewreak as well as other standard-bearers such as “Mr Nice” (not to be confused with Mr Nice Guy), “Green Crack”, “Romulan”, and countless other connoisseur varietals born in the creative minds of Humboldt’s best producers. Then, I moved a bit south, a bit east from behind the Redwood Curtain to the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range on a 120-acre cannabis farm in the Great Divide.

    In 2019 we received our Adult cannabis license from the BCC, allowing Norcanna to grow with our patients from yesterday/year to our new customers and our new friends of today and the near future.
   Believing in the idea of what I created and what Norcanna stood for, I was blessed to get a Sacramento State University alumni, D. Rossi, to join the family—starting as a weekend driver to eventually become part owner and COO of the company. In short, D. Rossi is smart, driven, and compassionate. D. Rossi has been a player in our growth, a driving factor in steering the company through the choppy waters of medical-only to adult-use and beyond.
I was sad to see an old era… an old chapter was ending. We stopped delivering to our prop 215 patents in January 2019. We “converted” getting our BCC adult-use Annual license to the new Adult-use space. We are still growing and happily serving the Greater Sacramento area with all its cannabis needs.
   We currently service all 21 and older and medical to the greater Sacramento area (county), the city of Sacramento, the Foothills in El Dorado to Lincoln, Auburn Roseville, Rocklin and parts of the Valley ,Rancho Cordova, Elk Grove, Natomas, West Sacramento, and Butte county. I hope you enjoy our site, and we are confident that you will be delighted with every delivery and future purchase! Always feel free to leave us feedback on the products you tried, our service. This is how we get better, with your help! I love all suggestions. This helps me to continue bringing you personalized, compassionate service. We love doing what we do, for you and we look forward to a long relationship. Be safe, stay warm and live a long, happy life!
Bryon T
Founder/ CEO