Granite Bay

Granite Bay

Granite Bay

Norcanna has been delivering cannabis products to Granite Bay and surrounding areas since
2008. We offer edibles and vapes and a complete line of concentrates and the lowest price for all
cannabis, vape, waxes, drinks, anything that has anything to do with THC.

Why Buy From Norcanna

We started in the Golden Hills, and we deliver to Granite Bay. We have been at the forefront of
making sure our customers always get the best cannabis products from some of the biggest, best
brands in the world.
We hand-select the freshest flower harvested within 3-6 months of packaging, and testing for
your safety is paramount to everything we do. All our products and other brands have a batch
number to check with the state DCC website showing the customer where it was grown when
harvested, the chemical makeup of the product you are consuming, and the safety report for
human consumption.
It’s all part of what Norcanna does and makes sure we stay compliant Norcanna puts the
customer first and can always get you the COAs on all products to see the complete chemical
profile. From seed to sale to the farm to bowl, we are Norcanna and here every step of the way.

Top Sellers

Norcanna sources our flowers from Farm to house, all tested, chunky, and good. Along with
Norcanna Farms cannabis, we also sell; ABX vape, Pure Vape, Cresco, Kahna to Autumn Brand,
House weed, Lowell, Cookies weed company to CBD products by Care By Design have it all.
We have it or can get it for you
Some of our most popular products are
Kanha Colada– Hybrid [10pk] (100mg)
○ KANHA and Buddies have teamed up to introduce our first Live Resin Gummy,
featuring Buddies renowned Liquid Diamonds Live Resin and KANHA’s
compelling flavors with fast-acting effects! These gummies reflect both
companies’ values, uniting a commitment to high-quality products that represent
the best of what cannabis has to offer. With all-natural ingredients and no major
allergens, enjoy these reliable gummies with confidence!
○ EFFECTS: For consumers looking for a potent, full-body strain. This hybrid has
claims of consumers feel euphoric, uplifted, and relaxed.
Norcanna Flower – Vanilla Cream 14g
○ Fresh from Norcanna Farms, hand-selected, organic flowers for your discerning
consumption. Total cannabinoids are 31.31%. Vanilla Cream is a Sativa-dominant
The strain that has a creamy sheen due to its thick layer of crystal trichomes that
covers its large buds. Vanilla Cream offers a heady quality experience, sometimes
producing the effects of a light buzz of creativity that stimulates the mind and
may make them productive. This Strain will have you in a state of euphoria. This
will allow your stresses or anxiety to disappear into a calm and relaxing state.

Products and Services

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● Same Day Delivery
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Areas We Deliver To

Did you know Granite Bay dates back to the early 1850s when gold miners settled the area and
called it “Granite Bar?” It derives its name from the granite that was quarried from the banks of
the bay to be used in the construction of the Folsom Dam. History reveals that there were about
37 gold mining settlements along the sides of this beautiful river. Between 1852 and 1954
Granite Bay began to attract miners due to the planted olive and almond orchards. One of the
main roads going through Granite Bay is Auburn-Folsom road. To some, it is remembered as the
Auburn- Sacramento River Road which originally allowed miners to easily travel back and forth
with supplies. Not only did miners take advantage of this plentiful landscape, but cattle ranchers
began to use the grassy slopes and access to water to raise their cattle. Auburn-Folsom itself has
a long and unique history. It started out as an ox-cart track that linked the 49’er mining claims
along the American River. It served as a way to move supplies from the town of Auburn to the
town of Folsom. Granite Bay offers residents a rural feel and most residents own their homes.
We can get you there if you are looking for CBD THCA or CBN cannabis products. Whatever
you call it; Marijuana, weed, cannabis, Mary Jane, dank, doobies, bud, match, grass to trees or
flower, we are the go-to guys to get you what you want and need all things cannabis. Yes, we do
and love what we do in the Golden Foothills. Granite Bay, making the winters better and the
summers longer, we are here for you and your cannabis needs. Points of interest are; Granite Bay Golf Club
is an amazing golf course. Some good hiking and parks found in Granit bay are Treelake Park at 5255 Parkford Cir, Granit bay Ca. Granite Bay Community Park,Address: 6010 Douglas Blvd, Granite Bay, CA 95746, Granite Bay Activity Center State park in Granite Bay, California