Sativa; Indica; Here Are the Differences across Cannabis Strains

Cannabis Strains

Cannabis is one of the most talked-about natural herbs on the market for various good reasons. Even the reputed and reliable companies are providing a wide array of cannabis strains along with home delivery services in Sacramento. If you want to get different cannabis strains at home, you can connect with such services after doing your thorough research. However knowing only about the delivery services or the seller is not only a main thing to do, it is also important to have good knowledge about the strains you are buying.

Cannabis is a huge topic to talk about, it comes with more than 100 cannabinoids and natural properties. Moreover, the two main types of cannabis are Sativa and Indica that are majorly used for a number of medicinal and recreational purposes.

Sativa is known for delivering energizing effects that can help reduce stress or increase focus, according to several studies. On the other hand, Indica is typically known for working with full-body like it can help in increasing deep relaxation and reducing insomnia. However, there are no determined studies behind such strong effects of these two strains, but several studies are evaluating its effects on the basis of users’ experience and experiments.

There is a lot to know more about these two strains that will help you choose the right strain you are looking for. Take a look!


Cannabis Sativa is primarily found in hot, dry climates that include Africa, Central America, Southeast Asia, and some areas of Western Asia. Sativa herb can reach up to 10 feet tall, and it is categorized by light-green, thin, and delicate strains. They have a long flowering period. Sativa strain is a lower yield crop than the Indica crop. Sativa crop is ideal for outdoor cultivation as they require relatively high humidity and pleasant temperatures to grow at its best.

Indica Plant:

Indica is native to India, Pakistan, Turkey, and Afghanistan. These plants grow in quite harsh, dry, and turbulent climates.  Indica remains short in height than Sativa. Likewise, they have broad leaves with a bushier appearance. They are popular among home growers for a short flowing cycle and high yields. They mature faster than the Sativa crop and produce flowers within eight weeks. Indica strain has a different smell and terpenes profile.

“Note: Indica plant is originally found in dry and colder climates, which results in a robust and compact physical profile. Their short height makes them perfect for indoor cultivation.”

Moving on, there is a name- Hybrid cannabis strain that represents the strains that are produced by the combination of two parent plants. These hybrids are often grown to target specific effects and a wide number of users loved this strain. Hybrid typically grown in farms from a combination of Sativa and Indica strains. Moreover, the growth, effects, and amount of CBD and THC here depend on the parent plants. So if you are planning to get cannabis deliveries at your home, ensure to tell your specifications to the sellers so that you can get your favorite cannabis strain at your place. Moreover, if you want the safe, secure, and fastest delivery services in Sacramentoyou can visit NORCANAA- a popular name on the market.

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